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2017 Xi an international entrepreneurship competition

Jul 21,2017 By 一起上订阅号  |   WeChat: yqsnews

Maybe you have a dream about the future,maybe you have started dreaming,maybe you are waiting for a chance to dream.The opportunity comes, the 2017 Xi 'an international entrepreneurship competition !
1.The entry project has the opportunity to obtain.
1)50+ investment institutions;
2)600 million yuan of social capital;
3)1 million RMB start-up subsidy;
4)Bank credit granting.
2.The competition prize poolhas been exposed.
3.Project benefits
4.The competing object.
4.1the competition is divided into two categories: teams and enterprises. The main information is as follows:
1)Information technology: including electronics, communications, intelligent control, intelligent driving, intelligent robot, intelligent interest, intelligent search, intelligent logistics, intelligent household, virtual reality (VR, AR, MR), network game, etc.;
2)Biological medicine: including intelligent medical treatment, traditional Chinese medicine and medical devices, big health, food and additives, agricultural biotechnology and products, etc.
3) Advanced manufacturing industry and new materials: including aerospace navigation fields such as military and civilian integration technology and products, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), 3 d printing, new materials, new energy and energy conservation, environmental protection equipment manufacturing and materials and products.
4.2The team and the company's entry conditions are as follows:
1)The domestic and foreign entrepreneurial teams that have not registered the enterprise, have the scientific and technological innovation achievements and the entrepreneurial plan before the closing date of this competition;
2)Core team members are not less than 3;
3)The products, technology and related patents of the participating projects belong to the participating teams and have no property rights disputes.
1)Innovative and high-growth potential, mainly engaged in information technology, biological medicine, advanced manufacturing and new materials;
2)Small and medium sized micro enterprises (non-listed enterprises);
3)The products, technologies and related patents of the participating projects belong to the participating enterprises and there are no property disputes;
4)Business standard, good reputation, no bad record.
5. Area released.
The competition at home and abroad are involved in six countries, 11 cities, WE UP to undertake a series of Shenzhen, Australia (Sydney) andIsrael (tel aviv)three division, the division site distribution is as follows.
/ Silicon valley
/ Sydney
Areas Abroad:Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, Munich, Sydney, Cap Town.
/ Xi'an
Domestic area:Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Xi’an.
6.Xi 'an international entrepreneurship competitionorigin
The first xi 'an international entrepreneurship competition (hereinafter referred to as the "west" match) sponsored by the people's government of xi 'an, xi 'an science and technology to undertake, by xian xian productivity promotion center, mashed garlic incubator of science and technology co., LTD., plug-in and play along, garage, superior customer works, in collaboration with the quality.
West and through international large-scale events to build innovative undertaking international cooperation and exchange platform, gather the resources, to attract domestic and foreign high-end innovative entrepreneurial talent, team, project and financial investment institutions focus on xi 'an.
Promoting the transformation of domestic and foreign advanced technology achievements in xi 'an, drive the investment promotion and capital introduction, implementation pursue transcendence.
From July to August 2017, the teams and enterprises that meet the relevant conditions of entry can enter the competition or cooperate with the competition in the following way!More details can be given to the official website of xichuang, or through the contact information at the end of the text.
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