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2017.7.18 Guizhou news radio

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2017.7.18 Guizhou newsradio
Hello everyone,this is Clay from the first English program in Guizhou whichmade by China Business Times Guizhou Branch,officialaccount GUISHANGSHIXUN ,Wudang big data intelligent industrial base. Today is Tuesday,July 18th, now following me to today’s program.
Let’s look at theheadline news

Tourists from 10 provincial-level regions deemed to be among the hottestin China, including Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Hunan, Hubei, and Chongqingmunicipality, and so on can enjoy a 50 percent discount on tickets to mostscenic spots in Guizhou between Tuesday and Sept 15.
Let’s take a look at the important news of Guizhou

The first batch of Australiabreeding sheep finished the 45-day isolated examination in Xiuwen County, andtransfer to Wuchuan County to start their new lives there.
2017 Intangible culturalheritage weekend gatherings had a performance about the intangible cultural inJinhuayuan community, Guanshanhu district.
Let’s move to Greatpoverty alleviation
Guizhou is to invest 15million yuan to support 30 cultural industrial projects covered the top 20poorest towns of Guizhou.
Next one is big data

Guiyang builds anintelligent platform that transformed from the Cloud to the terminal based onbig data to boost the Party building.
About Big ecological

The Patriotic HealthCampaign Committee released announcement that Qing Zhen and other 68 citiesnamed the national sanitary city from 2015 to 2017.
Great health news

The 10th Health in Borderland team went to Ma Jiang and Ceng Gong county toscreen the CHD for free.
Let’s focus on financialpart

Guizhou has helped the localenterprises save 30.9 billion yuan according to decline their cost of electricity,logistic fee, etc.
Let move to society andcivic news

Industrial development bureau of Guiyang hi-tech industrial developmentarea and big data Makers Park will cooperate with other departments to surveythe quantity of big data companies in the Makers Park.

The first Wudang Xintianweicheng International Gourmet Festival will beheld at the Zhengdejiabang shopping mall from July 23 to July 31. Unlimitedcoupons and other special offers will attract people’s attention.
Tourism news

Guiyang fengyegu tourist holiday resort attracted thousands of touristslast weekend for its interesting water amusement equipment and clean swimmingpool.
Autos Information

The three-day’s 13th Beijing international new energy motors and chargingpiles exhibition held in Beijing, exhibitors from home and abroad participatedin the event.
Entertainment and sport

Pipa player Zhao Ruyu who is the chief player of Guizhou Chinese Orchestrahad a recital in Guiyang grand theatre on July 15.
Domestic news

Typhoon Talas, the fourth typhoon of the year, took shape Saturdayafternoon and is moving towards China's southernmost island province of Hainan,local weather forecasts said.
The tropical storm, packed maximum winds between 62 and 74 km per hour.

Two women killed after being stabbed in an Egyptian beach resort ofHurghada were German nationals, and the murder had been arrested.
This day that year

On July 18, 1899, The curies foundPolonium.
Health regimen tips

To relieve summer heat could drink chrysanthemum tea, Mung Bean Soup andeat washy fruits.

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