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2017.7.28 Guizhou newsradio

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2017.7.28 Guizhou newsradio
Hello everyone,this is Clay from the first Englishprogram in Guizhou which made by China Business Times Guizhou Branch,official account GUISHANGSHIXUN,Wudang big data intelligent industrial base. Today is Friday,July 28,nowfollowing me to today’s program.
Headline news

Development and Reform Commission of Guizhou announced that the grid purchase price of coal-fired power increased 1.52 fen per each KW. The price was 0.3515 jiao per KW after regulation.
Highlights of Guizhou

The first batch of enrolling work of Gaokao had finished on July 26, and 60,088 high school students enrolled by colleges. The second batch enrolled from July 27 to August 5.
Great poverty alleviation

Commission for Discipline Inspection of Guizhou notified that those who dared to bribe or get benefit from the poverty alleviation fund should punish without leniency when talked about the Yuping corruption case.
Big data
The chronic gridlock in many Chinese cities is being eased by smart transportation, according to research by a trio of tech companies.
Big ecological
China is home to one tenth of world's plant species, according to statistics released at the ongoing 19th International Botanical Congress (IBC).
Great health news
Guizhou Institution of Food and Drug Control passed the evaluation conducted by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment.
Financial news
Guizhou moutai released its semiyearly report, which showed that the net profit was 11.25 billion yuan, 27.8 percent growth compared with last year.
Society and civic news

2017 national Suxi cross-country challenge completed in Jinsha Lengshuihe national forest Park, 25 teams from 19 provinces participated.
Tourism news

On July 26, the fourth national workers photograph exhibition arrived at Chishui city, 60 photographers from all over the country gathering here.
Autos Information

China’s first O2O new energy motors renting platform rolled out in Guian new area.
Entertainment and sport

A micro film named 72 hours directed by Tang Huang was rolling in Guiyang recently. The film based on the police Zhu Weihong, who fought the abductors with his colleagues to uncover an important case of abducting children.
Domestic news

Guangzhou has been urged to develop a system to help improve the management of its growing number of foreign residents.

The European Commission pressed ahead on Wednesday to the second stage of legal actions against the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland over refugee sharing.
This day that year

On July 28 1976, Tangshan earthquake happened.
Health regimen tips
Research shows that shaddock ped contained naringin and rutin, etc, which is good for declining the stickiness of the blood and prevent the heart and cerebral vessels diseases.

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